Booking information: Noral Roy or 310-539-6027

The Towels Rocking a Saturday Night





"This is very impressive stuff, a refreshing quality of respect for the past as well as the now...bold rock 'n' roll with strong roots in groove and passion...these boys know how to write a catchy hook, their lyrics are poetic" -- Jori Pierson/ MUEN MAGAZINE

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Festival of the Senses - The Towels
"Festival of the Senses"
$11.00 - Free Shipping

"Around Our World"
$11.00 - Free Shipping
Around Our World - The Towels
American Beaus - The Towels
"American Beaus"
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"Godzilla Christmas"
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Godzilla Christmas - Two song CD single - The Towels
A Company Of Splendid Artists - The Towels
"A Company Of Splendid Artists"
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